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Thank you for your interest in Lisa Ross Photography!  I love to create images that give you that warm and fuzzy feeling.  I have two kids (and a dog, cats, bunnies and chickens) and they have taught me how to go with the flow, and to be easy going yet organized.  When photographing weddings, I like to blend in the background and capture the details of your wedding day.  When photographing families, I like to move quickly because little people (and sometimes big people too!) get squirmy. 

A little about me... I grew up in a big family in upstate New York where there are rolling hills and more farms than big buildings.  I have lived in Richmond for 17 years and have been working with photography for almost 20 years.  I started out on the darkroom developing my own film and now I can appreciate working in the digital era.  I love to photograph families, weddings and seniors. Give me a call and let me help you with putting your memories in print!