Greetings from Richmond, VA!  Photography began for me back when I was a single gal without a care in the world.  It was before husband, kids, dogs… I was a waitress and taking classes here and there.  I had zero responsibility and I could spend 5 hours straight in the darkroom.  Clearly, this was a long time ago, before the digital era!  But I loved to capture a memory on film, then develop it.  Even though I don’t develop it any more, I still love to catch those moments.  Because to go back and look at that photo, it brings back how I felt that day- how it was so hot out that day or how I hated that haircut, how I loved that big comfy sweater… things without that one photograph, I would NEVER remember in a million years.   And that is what I love about photography.  Plus I like to make it look pretty.

I’m a one man show, but I do have awesome people in the photography community that I work with.  I mainly photograph weddings and engagements but I love to do family portraits and I love me some babies!

Anyways, here’s a blog of some of my favorite photography moments.  Enjoy!