Chad and Jess: K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Meet Chad and Jess.  It was the end of a beautiful beach day in September.  Really the best time to go to the beach in my opinion. Every year at this time we escape Richmond, VA and make the short drive to Sandbridge, VA.  We pack the kids, sometimes the dogs and lots of food and get out of dodge!  We rent a house, eat lots of food and drink good drinks and photograph some adorable couples too!  Chad and Jess weren’t the only victims to the camera this weekend:)  This engagement session was one of those, that each photo was “this is my favorite!” then I go to the next one, “no, this is my favorite!” and then the next “wait, this is it!” They really are that stinking adorable.  The lighting was perfect.  When the sun is just about to set is the perfect time for some photography.  There is no flash used in these, just natural light.  And no worries about anyone squinting or shadows.  Sometimes mother nature just cooperates with us photographers!

Chad and Jess’ wedding will be back home in Richmond.  Literally at their home!  I love weddings when they take place on property,  It’s so intimate and unique.  They are on a few acres of land with a pond.  I’m hoping to twist their arm and get some photos of them in and/or near that pond!  (Don’t worry, not actually in the water, more like on it… in a boat more like it)  Without giving it all away, it will be a picnic theme.  Personally my first wedding picnic theme ever.  I can’t wait to see it!  We just received the wedding invitation and my favorite was the please reply card as follows:

“will be there with bells on!” “will be there, but I don’t do bells”  “will be there, still undecided about the bells”


“won’t be there, wish I could be wearing bells” “won’t be there, with or without bells” “won’t be there, wish I could be wearing bells”  “needs more cowbell”

I will be attending with bells on!

Can’t wait for their wedding! 4.6.13 here we come!

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