Deb, David & Camille


I love this family!  And I’m not just saying that because they’re cute.  This is my very oldest, bestest friend. Ever.  We have known each other since the volleyball team 7th grade (aka super long time ago)  We grew up in upstate New York together.  I love her dearly.  Then she got married.  We warned David that he was getting a package deal.  They got hitched here in Richmond, VA.  A great wedding photo opt this turned out to be!  I am not usually a bridesmaid and a wedding photographer at wedding at the same time.  But let me tell ya, it was fun.  One of the few weddings that I work, dance and drank at- it was quite lovely.  The had the ceremony at Walkerton Tavern in Glen Allen and the reception at the Cultural Arts Center right next door.  BEAUTIFUL!  It was literally a perfect fall day.

Then they had a baby. Now this baby is ALMOST a year old!  I heard a saying the other day, bear with me because I usually don’t get these things right, “The days are long, but the years are short.”  So true. The photo of Camille at the beach is with my son Jonah.  They are only 7 weeks apart.  I see many embarrassing photos in their future to come!  Haha!  This was the perfect opportunity to photograph an infant in their home.  We set up camp in their home in Richmond, VA and photographed the heck out of that cutie!  I brought the backdrop, some nice soft blankets and we got Ms. Camille fed and happy.  Very easy for the mama, no travel!  Which let me tell you, you don’t know until you have a baby what a pain it is to get out of the house!


Anyways, enjoy the photos of my BFF and her clan!




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