Jonah William Ross

Baby Jonah W. Ross (aka cutest baby ever!)

Well I may be partial but this is my favorite baby photo shoot.  Reason one- he was an angel and super adorable. Reason two- this is my little baby boy!  But even though I am partial you got to admit, he’s cute, isn’t he?

So a little about my little my adorable son… Jonah William Ross was born January 10, 2012 in Richmond, VA (two days after my birthday.  Best present ever!)  In this photo he is 8 weeks old.  I set up the white backdrop in my living room.  And let me tell you, when you have two dogs, a white backdrop is near impossible to keep white!  My german shepherd kept migrating to the white fluffy blanket left out for the baby.  I agree it looked comfortable!  We put a boppy under little Jonah to add some cushion.  And that allowed us to put him on his back or belly and he would be comfortable.   We kept it simple with a half naked baby.  Easy wardrobe for this one!  Plus any time you see sweet baby skin is a A+ for me!  We did keep a diaper on him, but I’ve seen total naked baby shots and that is equally adorable.  My Jonah is a pee-er (is that even a word?!) so we opted to keep him diapered up for just a quick and easy photo shoot.  We just need to have extra blankets ready to go if your little one is nude.  To keep warm and to replace as they get peed on!

I love white background with babies.  Their little adorable bodies pop out of the photo.  And because babies are so little, I can come set up at your house and do your photos and you don’t even need to get out of your PJ’s!  I’ll even bring breakfast!

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