Baby Rowen

My good friend, Ryan, and his wife were expecting baby number two in late October.  They wanted photos of the newborn but wanted more than the ones they take at the hospital. Plus they wanted to include their other son, Regan, in their photo shoot and get some with mom and dad too! That’s the bonus of doing photos this way versus the hospital photos.  So I planned on packing my backdrop and my cameras and heading over to their Richmond, VA house hang with baby Rowen a moment’s notice.
Anyways, Ryan asked if I would come to the house after the baby was born to take some pics. And I said, heck yeah count me in!  So we left it at, call me when your wife have a baby and I would come to their house!  Not WHEN you’re having the baby, but a few days afterwards:)
This is Ryan and Jenna’s second child so they knew that generally late mornings are a good time for little ones.  They’ve already napped, ate and pooped, napped, ate and pooped and then again a few more times by 10:00 am.  When little ones are involved you need to work quickly and be prepared for breaks.  Rowen was an awesome model though!!  He let us change up his props without any protest!  However, Regan wasn’t as into it, but hey what do you want from a three year old?!  They have a mind of their own.  Poor Rowen had no choice but to cooperate!  Plus when you’re only a week old, you can do just about anything and be cute!
Even dad got excited and you’ll never guess what special photo request he had! The garage… On the tool chest!  Boys!  But I have to admit, it made for cute pictures!  So call me when baby is in womb and we can plan for photos at home with a tiny, tiny baby!:)

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