Mike & Heidi

Mike & Heidi:  They tied the knot on a beautiful April day.  This wedding took place at a venue I’ve never photographed at before- Tredegar.  It made for a beautiful ceremony spot. Check out the link for more infor: http://www.tredegar.org/ Who would’ve thunk it?  But it was GORGEOUS!  A little of historic Richmond, VA at the wedding worked well for this bride and groom.  There was lots of brick, which I love the way it photographs and plus the river is right there.  Can’t beat that!

The bride got ready right on site and took the trolley down below to the ceremony site.  The ceremony took place outside, with the brick arch in front and the river in back.  It made for pretty wedding photographs!  Before the ceremony, Mike and Heidi wanted to keep to tradition and not see each other.  But they found a unique way to keep to the tradition but still getting one last moment together.  First, Mike was blindfolded and led outside.  Then Heidi went out to meet him.  They had a brick wall separating them but yet they were able to hold hands.  Not sure if my description does it justice.  This is where you look at the photo and say, “Ah yes that makes sense!”

After the ceremony we were able to walk across the street to the James River and use the city as a backdrop.  Then onto most couple’s favorite part- the reception!

The reception was at one of my favorite places: Main Street Station.  Here’s a link for more info on them:  http://www.richmondgov.com/MainStreetStation/index.aspx  It’s located downtown RIchmond- on Main Street:)  I love this place!  I love all the windows and restored columns, marble floors… oooo, ahhhh!  Even the outside leaves a lasting impression.

They had a fabulous night and ended the night with sparklers! Congrats to this super nice couple!

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