Jonah William Ross

Baby Jonah W. Ross (aka cutest baby ever!)

Well I may be partial but this is my favorite baby photo shoot.  Reason one- he was an angel and super adorable. Reason two- this is my little baby boy!  But even though I am partial you got to admit, he’s cute, isn’t he?

So a little about my little my adorable son… Jonah William Ross was born January 10, 2012 in Richmond, VA (two days after my birthday.  Best present ever!)  In this photo he is 8 weeks old.  I set up the white backdrop in my living room.  And let me tell you, when you have two dogs, a white backdrop is near impossible to keep white!  My german shepherd kept migrating to the white fluffy blanket left out for the baby.  I agree it looked comfortable!  We put a boppy under little Jonah to add some cushion.  And that allowed us to put him on his back or belly and he would be comfortable.   We kept it simple with a half naked baby.  Easy wardrobe for this one!  Plus any time you see sweet baby skin is a A+ for me!  We did keep a diaper on him, but I’ve seen total naked baby shots and that is equally adorable.  My Jonah is a pee-er (is that even a word?!) so we opted to keep him diapered up for just a quick and easy photo shoot.  We just need to have extra blankets ready to go if your little one is nude.  To keep warm and to replace as they get peed on!

I love white background with babies.  Their little adorable bodies pop out of the photo.  And because babies are so little, I can come set up at your house and do your photos and you don’t even need to get out of your PJ’s!  I’ll even bring breakfast!

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Baby Rowen

My good friend, Ryan, and his wife were expecting baby number two in late October.  They wanted photos of the newborn but wanted more than the ones they take at the hospital. Plus they wanted to include their other son, Regan, in their photo shoot and get some with mom and dad too! That’s the bonus of doing photos this way versus the hospital photos.  So I planned on packing my backdrop and my cameras and heading over to their Richmond, VA house hang with baby Rowen a moment’s notice.
Anyways, Ryan asked if I would come to the house after the baby was born to take some pics. And I said, heck yeah count me in!  So we left it at, call me when your wife have a baby and I would come to their house!  Not WHEN you’re having the baby, but a few days afterwards:)
This is Ryan and Jenna’s second child so they knew that generally late mornings are a good time for little ones.  They’ve already napped, ate and pooped, napped, ate and pooped and then again a few more times by 10:00 am.  When little ones are involved you need to work quickly and be prepared for breaks.  Rowen was an awesome model though!!  He let us change up his props without any protest!  However, Regan wasn’t as into it, but hey what do you want from a three year old?!  They have a mind of their own.  Poor Rowen had no choice but to cooperate!  Plus when you’re only a week old, you can do just about anything and be cute!
Even dad got excited and you’ll never guess what special photo request he had! The garage… On the tool chest!  Boys!  But I have to admit, it made for cute pictures!  So call me when baby is in womb and we can plan for photos at home with a tiny, tiny baby!:)

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Mike & Heidi

Mike & Heidi:  They tied the knot on a beautiful April day.  This wedding took place at a venue I’ve never photographed at before- Tredegar.  It made for a beautiful ceremony spot. Check out the link for more infor: Who would’ve thunk it?  But it was GORGEOUS!  A little of historic Richmond, VA at the wedding worked well for this bride and groom.  There was lots of brick, which I love the way it photographs and plus the river is right there.  Can’t beat that!

The bride got ready right on site and took the trolley down below to the ceremony site.  The ceremony took place outside, with the brick arch in front and the river in back.  It made for pretty wedding photographs!  Before the ceremony, Mike and Heidi wanted to keep to tradition and not see each other.  But they found a unique way to keep to the tradition but still getting one last moment together.  First, Mike was blindfolded and led outside.  Then Heidi went out to meet him.  They had a brick wall separating them but yet they were able to hold hands.  Not sure if my description does it justice.  This is where you look at the photo and say, “Ah yes that makes sense!”

After the ceremony we were able to walk across the street to the James River and use the city as a backdrop.  Then onto most couple’s favorite part- the reception!

The reception was at one of my favorite places: Main Street Station.  Here’s a link for more info on them:  It’s located downtown RIchmond- on Main Street:)  I love this place!  I love all the windows and restored columns, marble floors… oooo, ahhhh!  Even the outside leaves a lasting impression.

They had a fabulous night and ended the night with sparklers! Congrats to this super nice couple!

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Vanessa & Mike

Vanessa & Mike: October 2012 wedding.  This wedding was so adorable I had to make a sample album out of it!  A lot of the guests traveled from Richmond, VA where Vanessa and Mike both live.  It was about an hour to Nellysford, VA (a hop, skip and a jump from Charlottesville, VA) at Rodes Farm Stables.  Does not at all sound like a wedding venue, huh?  Someone has been keeping this place a secret!  It’s the kinda place where you want to hike, ride horses and drink hot cider and eat fresh donuts.  Rumor is that they actually had a donut truck come out Friday before the wedding.  That might be the best idea ever, a donut truck.  Yum.  There are little cottages on the property available for rental.  So the entire wedding party could stay the weekend as well as the family and friends.  Easy for getting home after the wedding, that’s for sure!

This bride and groom forwent the usual tradition of not seeing each before the ceremony.  It was so special!  They were able to hold each other, see each other one more time before the “I do.”  I think it calmed some nerves and it was sooooo sweet!  Can’t you tell from the picture!  What do they say, a picture says a million words?  I don’t know, I get those sayings wrong all the time but you get the point!


At Rodes Farm Stables they had this beautiful pond where they choose for the ceremony.  Makes a beautiful backdrop!

The flower girls carried that dress so well!  And I followed the new mr & mrs after the ceremony in time to get a photo of everyone snuggling in with their “new auntie!”  Some of my favorite wedding photographs are some of these candid moments.  Don’t they look so happy?!

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Chad and Jess: K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Meet Chad and Jess.  It was the end of a beautiful beach day in September.  Really the best time to go to the beach in my opinion. Every year at this time we escape Richmond, VA and make the short drive to Sandbridge, VA.  We pack the kids, sometimes the dogs and lots of food and get out of dodge!  We rent a house, eat lots of food and drink good drinks and photograph some adorable couples too!  Chad and Jess weren’t the only victims to the camera this weekend:)  This engagement session was one of those, that each photo was “this is my favorite!” then I go to the next one, “no, this is my favorite!” and then the next “wait, this is it!” They really are that stinking adorable.  The lighting was perfect.  When the sun is just about to set is the perfect time for some photography.  There is no flash used in these, just natural light.  And no worries about anyone squinting or shadows.  Sometimes mother nature just cooperates with us photographers!

Chad and Jess’ wedding will be back home in Richmond.  Literally at their home!  I love weddings when they take place on property,  It’s so intimate and unique.  They are on a few acres of land with a pond.  I’m hoping to twist their arm and get some photos of them in and/or near that pond!  (Don’t worry, not actually in the water, more like on it… in a boat more like it)  Without giving it all away, it will be a picnic theme.  Personally my first wedding picnic theme ever.  I can’t wait to see it!  We just received the wedding invitation and my favorite was the please reply card as follows:

“will be there with bells on!” “will be there, but I don’t do bells”  “will be there, still undecided about the bells”


“won’t be there, wish I could be wearing bells” “won’t be there, with or without bells” “won’t be there, wish I could be wearing bells”  “needs more cowbell”

I will be attending with bells on!

Can’t wait for their wedding! 4.6.13 here we come!

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Deb, David & Camille


I love this family!  And I’m not just saying that because they’re cute.  This is my very oldest, bestest friend. Ever.  We have known each other since the volleyball team 7th grade (aka super long time ago)  We grew up in upstate New York together.  I love her dearly.  Then she got married.  We warned David that he was getting a package deal.  They got hitched here in Richmond, VA.  A great wedding photo opt this turned out to be!  I am not usually a bridesmaid and a wedding photographer at wedding at the same time.  But let me tell ya, it was fun.  One of the few weddings that I work, dance and drank at- it was quite lovely.  The had the ceremony at Walkerton Tavern in Glen Allen and the reception at the Cultural Arts Center right next door.  BEAUTIFUL!  It was literally a perfect fall day.

Then they had a baby. Now this baby is ALMOST a year old!  I heard a saying the other day, bear with me because I usually don’t get these things right, “The days are long, but the years are short.”  So true. The photo of Camille at the beach is with my son Jonah.  They are only 7 weeks apart.  I see many embarrassing photos in their future to come!  Haha!  This was the perfect opportunity to photograph an infant in their home.  We set up camp in their home in Richmond, VA and photographed the heck out of that cutie!  I brought the backdrop, some nice soft blankets and we got Ms. Camille fed and happy.  Very easy for the mama, no travel!  Which let me tell you, you don’t know until you have a baby what a pain it is to get out of the house!


Anyways, enjoy the photos of my BFF and her clan!




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